Jasmine George
Gala Entertainment Management
Australian Institute of Circus Arts

Jasmine born in Sydney, Australia and she has worked throughout world as
a Contortionist, Aerialist, Model and Dancer in Circus, galas, cruise ships,
commercials, TV and festivals.

She attended the famous McDonald College of the Performing Arts, where
she studied, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Drama, Artistic and
Rhythmic Gymnastics. She is also the director of Australian Institute of
Circus Arts PTY LTD

She has been contracting circus artists, bands and dancers for many
spectaculars, conventions, festivals and international shows. Jasmine is
also a respected judge on the international judging panel of the Wuqiao
International Circus Festival

Jasmine created Gala Entertainment Management after realising there was
a gap in the industry between the networking of Shows and Performers, and
that many existing agencies did not have an understanding of the industry as
they had never been involved in the industry themselves, As Jasmine was a
performer herself, she plans to bridge this gap, providing professional
solutions for the clients every need.
Paul Chownik
Canadian & Russian Rep and talent scout
Director, Contortion International - http://www.contortion.ca

Paul, born in Canada, resides in Toronto, where he runs Contortion
International, and helps manage Gala Entertainment Managements talent
services. Paul is currently in Russia and is scouting new talent, if you would
like to meet with Paul about joining our agency contact us today

Cirque Du Soleil's show "Re-invent The Circus", Paul was left awe-struck,
and began to think what he could do for the Performing Arts Industry.

Paul later attended two of the International Contortion Conventions and is
now with his company Contortion International organising funding for
hopeful contortionists to receive scholarships for circus schools

Paul also will soon be moving to Russia to further his experience and
contacts in the performing arts world.

Paul is our Canadian and Russian liaison in charge of our Canadian &
Russian performers and dancers.
Jason Liu Brennan
Head Choreographer #1
Australian Rep, Talent Scout & Auditions
Gala Entertainment Management
Director of  PAWS Studios (Performance Art Workshop Studios)

Jason graduated from McDonald College of the performing Arts in 1987.
He trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, funk, contact
impro, tribal, musical theatre, break and rap.

Jason has performed with Bondi ballet, Pacific sky, Fox studios, Sydney
Jacob productions. He has performed in shows such as Power Rangers
Live, Sesame Street Live, La Cage Aux Follies, Bodies and Gael Force. As
well as numerous operas, corporate shows and dance parties. Jason was
also assistant choreographer and performer in the 2000 Olympic games.
Jason has also taught in well over 35 schools throughout NSW.

Jason also teaches at the Sydney Dance Company , Australian Institute of
Music, University of Western Sydney, NAISDA, ATYP, Brent Street and
McDonald college.

Jason now is the director of Paws Studios (Performance Art Workshop) in
Roselle, talent scouts, choreographs and auditions for Gala Entertainment
Rebecca Mann
Head Choreographer #2
Australian Talent Trainer & Scout
Gala Entertainment Management
Director of  PAWS Studios (Performance Art Workshop Studios)

Rebecca is one of Australia's leading choreographers
Rebecca studied at the Central Coast College of Dance and Tanya
Pearson Classical Coaching Academy then went on to Complete her
Royal Academy of Dancing Teachers Certificate with distinction

She danced in Japan with the Ikagami Ballet Company and also the Garry
Spellman Show, Australian Elvis Festival, Breen Machine and recently in
the short film Duk-duk

Rebecca has taught for Sydney Dance Company Studios, Alegeria, JTV
Dance and Entertainment, Bradford Dance Academy, Dance Junction,
Dancentral, Dance Tech 2000, Mango Dance Studios and Helen Haskis
Studio of Dance

She has produced & choreographed many shows alongside her
husband, the talented Mr Jason Liu Brennan (Also a Gala Entertainment
Management Head Choreographer.
United Kingdom Rep
Gala Entertainment Management
Managing and Creative Director of Dynamic Dancers

Lois formed Dynamic Dancers in January 2004
Dynamic Dancers was formed due to the amount of companies who
continuously approached Lois asking her to put together shows.

Lois has extensive knowledge and experience having toured the world in
many prestigious shows and venues.
Lois is also Artistic Director for many well known stage schools.

Lois also teaches, choreographs and produces shows in theatre
companies, show bars, nightclubs and cabaret venues.
Lois is currently concentrating on expanding Dynamic Dancers

Lois's talents have taken her all around the world working in France,
Portugal, Madeira, Gran Canaria, Slovenia, Italy, Mexico,India, Turkey and
throughout the UK.

Lois first came in contact with Gala Entertainment Management, when
Jasmine was so impressed by Lois's extensive dance  & choreography
Martin Carlos Segura
Head Choreographer #3
Dance Captain
Gala Entertainment Management

Martin has been our head choreographer on Singapores' Zirca Megaclub,
Hard Rock Hotel Macau, City of Dreams, and Videocom Macau just  to
name a few

He is one of Argentinas most respected dancers and choreorgaphers.

Some of the shows Martin has performed in;

  • “Incomparable” Revista
  • Barcelona’s Villa Olímpica Casino
  • “Hotel Berlín 1933”
  • “Revista Nacional”
  • “Queen, La Comedia Musical”
  • "Opera “El Oro del Ring”
  • L´Oreal’s publicity shows, Hilton Hotel

Martin has also performed for over 20 Television programs and
Elles De Graaf
Lead Singer
Netherlands Talent Scout
Dance Captain
Gala Entertainment Management

Elles has been co-choreorgapher & Dance captain alongside Martin
Carlos Segura on many of our contracts, some of these include;
Singapores' Zirca Megaclub, Hard Rock Hotel Macau, City of Dreams,
Tihany Spectacular, Mexico Tour, and Videocom Macau

Elles DeGraaf is one of the worlds #1 Trance singers. Elles has sung for
world #1 DJ Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Bobina ( Russia ’s #1 DJ),
Blank & Jones, Marcel Woods

Elles has performed also as a professional dancer and circus performer
(Aerialist and Poi Spinner for us and other agencies in many of the worlds
leading revue, cabaret, jazz, nightclub, and circus shows

Luisa Cassia
Gala Entertainment Management

Luisa  is our talented new talent.

Having mastered English and French , Luisa decided to step outside of
the box and enter into the magical realm of circus.

Apart from her knowledge of shows from her work in Macau, Luisa joined
the Wuqiao International Circus Festival where she was able to further
immerse herself in the wonderful world of circus arts.

She has been involved on organising entertainment for  international first
class Events and Galas achieving great results and satisfaction both from
Clients than from artists.

Luisa ,beside scouting artists and managing the company, also is
involved with updating our website.
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