The Great American
Royal Circus
Through the use of a live, high energy, theatrical,
organization plans to educate the public on circus
history and replenish community food banks (cost of
admission is one can of food per person). Our
organization also plans to preserve the art of the
circus by providing free job training to individuals
and a paid staff. The Great American Royal Circus is
funded by government grants, individual and corporate
contributions, and through the sale of reasonably
priced circus novelties and concessions.

Please visit our website at
and answer our questionnaire. Thank You!
the community once again.  

Within three years of opening day, The
Great American Royal Circus wishes to
contribute to qualified youth circus summer
camps throughout the United States.  At the
of summer each camp will be encouraged
to send its best act to Jacksonville Florida
for the
Circus Youth Competition.  The winner of
the Circus Youth Competition will receive a
scholarship and other valuable prizes.