Performance Art workshop

Offering a positive environment for children from the 3yrs to adults to learn the Performing Arts.
Paws offers classes to those that just want to dance & perform for fun, and also those who want to
pursue a professional career in dance.

Dancers ages 3 and up who attend two ballet classes per week are given an opportunity to sit a ballet
exam with the Royal Academy Of Dancing.

With circus skills and acrobatics becoming a major part of the Performing Arts industry, we will be
adding specialty classes for chosen students who wish to gain experience in various areas of this

Paws has a range of professional staff with a variety of experience in many areas of the Performing Arts,
to suit your every need.


Jason Liu Brennan
is one of Australia's' most acclaimed teachers having taught in over 35 top dance
schools including Sydney Dance Company, Australian Institute of Music, University of Western Sydney,
NAISDA, ATYP, Brent Street, Bondi Ballet and McDonald college. Jason was also assistant
choreographer and performer in the 2000 Olympic games

Rebecca Mann has the Royal Academy Of Dance Teaching Certificate (RAD) with a distinction and has
8 years of teaching experience,she has danced with the Ikagami Ballet in japan ,Gary Spellman show
,Australian Elvis Festival, Moe Awards and many other experiences as a professional dancer. She
taught at SDCO studios, Alegria, Mango, JTV Dance and Entertainment, Dance Tech 2000,Dance

Paws also holds an annual concert where all students are given the opportunity to perform.

For more information contact us

Jason  0414 612 370     Rebecca 0422 617 953   

Circus Arts Sydney
Circus Arts offers a truly stunning way to participate in physical activity and it is suitable for all ages above the age of five.
No experience is necessary.
The Sydney classes are held in the beautiful Home Bush Bay Olympic Park
Are you up to having a lot of fun?

Circus Arts Byron Bay
Exciting new activities are now available! The state-of-the-art training centre at Byron Bay includes Australia’s only full-
size indoor flying trapeze and an auditorium licensed for up to 1,100 people. A wide range of classes will be on offer,
catering for all ages and abilities.

The Byron Bay Venue also caters for:
Theatre hire
Functions and ceremonies of up to 1100 people
Performance space
Staff team-building workshops
Art – gallery space and student photography shoots

Dawn Fraser Ave, Sydney Olympic Park

Phone: 02 9706 8848
Mobile: 0412 402 742
Dance & Circus Schools
Byron Bay
17 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay

Phone: 02 6685 6566
Mobile: 0431 291 321
Students study full time for approximately 35 hours a week for 40 weeks a year
and receive extensive one-on-one training. The course is based at NICA, on the
Prahran campus of Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
Visit the NICA section in the Swinburne University CourseFinder for detailed
course information, subject outlines, fees and FAQ’s.

Fees for students in 2008
Local students $4,000 AUD per year plus the Swinburne University Amenities
Fee. Third year students are eligible for FEE-HELP.
International student $14,000 AUD per year, plus the Swinburne University
Amenities Fee.

Audition Dates for 2008 Entry
National Auditions will be held in Sept/Oct 2007 as follows:

Launceston   Melbourne      Adelaide   Perth    Darwin  Cairns Brisbane  Sydney
22 Sept      25 & 26 Sept     29 Sept  30 Sept   2 Oct    4 Oct    5 Oct       6 Oct
Audition applications close Friday 14 September 2007.

Who Should Apply?

NICA welcomes applications from physical and artistic young people with
experience in areas such as:

  •     circus
  •     gymnastics
  •     sports acrobatics
  •     trampolining
  •     diving
  •     performing arts
  •     dance
  •     extreme sport
  •     martial arts
  •     physical theatre
  •     clowning

Contact NICA
For more information and forms posted to you.
Telephone: (+613) 9214 6975
BOOK NOW - 2006 Circus Showcase
LATEST NEWS - The Constructivist Trio prepare for China

The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) is Australia’s centre of excellence and innovation in contemporary circus arts.

NICA is dedicated to developing and nurturing talented young contemporary circus performers via a 3 year degree, the Bachelor of Circus
Arts. NICA also offers short courses, social circus workshops, training programs and houses the Circa NICA agency to service all your circus
entertainment needs.
NICA has openings for 2007 (Bachelor of Circus Arts)

Aerialize- Sydney Aerial Theatre provides expert tuition and training in aerial and circus disciplines, for adults and children. We are located in the Great Hall at the
Addison Rd Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. Our aerial and circus classes are a vibrant and healthy form of expression and exercise.

The classes cater to people of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced. Students attend our classes for leisure, recreational, educational and vocational
purposes. For beginners, the classes are a great way to get fit and challenge yourself with something new, and for the more advanced students classes are more
creative and challenging. All Aerialize instructors are highly trained in their field of expertise and perform in major events and shows across Australia and Asia.

We create opportunities for creative and professional development, in a contemporary and dynamic circus art form.

Classes include static trapeze, aerial tissue, ring, corde lisse, contortion, Spanish web, acrobatics and acrobalance, hula hoops, tightrope, juggling and more.
All classes are run to a 9 week term and students must enrol for a whole term. There are four terms per year. Due to the nature of the skills developed over time
and for safety reasons we do not offer drop in classes.

Classes Descriptions
-Spanish web
-Hula Hoops
-Circus and Aerial Skills
-Teenage class (12-16)
-Kids Classes (5-12)
-School Holiday Programs (5-12)

Trapeze- Beginners
Build strength and learn the basics of static trapeze whilst having fun. This class focuses solely on trapeze and will take you through warm up, stretching and
conditioning. You will go on to learn tricks on the trapeze and will be encouraged to put them together in a routine at the end of term for a showing.

Trapeze- Intermediate
Take your skills further and learn new, more involved tricks and techniques on the trapeze. Performance skills and techniques are introduced and further
developed in this class. This course is designed for people who have completed at least one term of Beginners Trapeze.

Trapeze- Advanced
This course is for students who have been doing the intermediate trapeze course and would like to focus more on performance techniques. In this class you will
work with different ideas and concepts such as improvisation, props and unusual equipment. You will work on more elite aerial skills.

Tissue/silks - Beginners/Intermediate
A Tissue is two strips of fabric hung from a single point approx 7m high. You will learn to climb and drop, and twist yourself in knots high in the air. A certain
amount of basic strength is required and often people will complete another course before beginning this one, but that is not compulsory.

Tissue/silks - Advanced
This class is for people who have completed at least 2 terms of the beginners/intermediate course. You will learn more involved and scarier tricks and drops.
Every encouragement is given to people to construct their own routine, and develop performance techniques.

This class in an open class and will focus on increasing flexibility, forward and backward walkovers and contortion moves. You do not need to be a contortionist to
attend this class.  

Spanish Web- All levels
If you love to spin around at dizzying heights then Spanish Web is for you. You will learn to climb to the top of a rope and attach yourself by a hand or foot loop.
Someone on the ground will then spin you around while you learn different tricks and positions. You will learn to develop sequences of tricks to form your own
routine. This is a mixed class for beginners to people with more advanced skills. A certain amount of basic strength and the ability to climb a rope is required and
often people will complete another course before beginning this one.

Acrobalance/Acrobatics- All levels
In this class you will learn the basics of acrobalance, acrobatics, tumbling, mini-tramp and handstands. This course is designed for people with all ranges of
experience, from beginners to advanced.

Hula Hoops
This is an open class and is a great wat to get fit and have fun. Come along and bring some friends to learn some great party tricks or develop new performance
skills to add to your repertoire.

Circus and Aerial Skills for Everyone- All levels
This class is great for people who just want to try it all. It is designed as an introduction to circus and aerial skills and aims to establish a solid grounding in the
circus essentials whilst also enhancing fitness, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and confidence. This eight week course will focus on a variety of circus basics
from hula hoops and juggling to acrobatics, trapeze, tissue and more. Each class will begin with a warm up and stretching and some strength conditioning. It is
open to beginners and we work at the pace of the students. The class is ideal for people who are interested in trying something new and outside their normal
routine. Each week we spend 40 minutes on aerial skills.

Teenage Class (12 - 16 yrs)
This class is open to students who have progressed from the kid's classes as well as new students. They will have the opportunity to learn ground skills such as
hula hoops, acrobalance, tumbling, juggling, poi, Diablo, and more. A large emphasis is also given to the aerial skills where the students will work on the
following apparatus: solo or double static trapeze, aerial ring, tissue, corde lisse, and Spanish web. The students will be given the freedom to choose which skills
they would most like to focus on, and they will be encouraged to put together routines for the end of term showings.

Kids Classes (5 - 12 yrs)
In these classes children will participate in a variety of circus skills including hula hoops, juggling, acrobatics, acrobalance, mini tramp, trapeze, aerial ring, tissue,
rope and Spanish web. These classes cater to all abilities from beginners through to advanced levels. The children are encouraged to progress at their own pace
and they can choose the aerial skills on which they prefer to focus.
Each term the students will work towards a showing of their skills in the last week of term and they can invite family and friends to come along and see what
amazing things they have learnt.

Beginners Circus and Aerial
In this class the children will learn the basics of tumbling, hula hoops, acrobalance, and aerial skills.
Intermediate Circus and Aerial
This class is for students who have developed strength and flexibility and a good understanding of aerial acrobatics in the beginner's course and are deemed by
the instructors ready for the next level.

Advanced Circus and Aerial Performance
This class is by invitation only.
The children in this class are encouraged to focus on more performance based skills.

School Holiday Program
This week-long course is aimed at children of all abilities from the timid to the most enthusiastic monkeys and is a great introduction to a large variety of circus
skills. This is a good introduction and familiarization of all the skills if you are interested in your child attending the Saturday morning classes.
Each day begins with drama games, warm-ups and stretching.
The children will have the opportunity to participate in a selection of the following activities:
hula hoops, juggling and making juggling balls, acrobatics, acrobalance, mini tramp, trapeze, aerial ring, tissue, rope and Spanish web.
During the week the children will be working towards putting all their skills together for a performance on Friday for family and friends.
Children can have their faces painted and are encouraged to dress up for the performance.
This course is suitable for beginners or students with prior experience.

For more information on this fabulous school:
 16/142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204.  
Ph:  +61.2.95601233
We offer intensive private training, workshops & ongoing lessons in Brattleboro, Vermont, as well as teach at host organizations around the world & intensive private
instruction & act creation for the aspiring professional or enthusiast. Instruction is offered in many disciplines including solo, duo, swinging & flying trapeze, web, fabric,
cerceau (hoop) & rope as well as partner acrobatics, contortion, handstands, Chinese pole & clowning/character development

All WORKSHOPS are held at our studio in Brattleboro, Vermont except Flying & Swinging Trapeze which happen on our fly rig at Sunrise Farm with the option to go to the
indoor studio if it rains.
Download driving directions to the left of this page.
Lodging for Vermont workshops is available at Sunrise Farm for $20/night. Pre-registration is required.
Please call (802) 254-9780 or email to register for workshops & lodging, & print the registration & waiver forms from the links to the left & mail in with
a deposit.


Section A:  Age 1 1/2 - 3 yrs Wednesdays, Jan 5 - Feb 16,  11 - 11:45 am            $70 (7 weeks)
NEW Section A2: Age 1 1/2 - 3 yrs Thursdays, Jan 6 - Feb 10 10 - 10:45 am $60 (6 weeks)
Section B:  Age 3 – 4 yrs    Thursdays, Jan 6 - Feb 10,     11 - 11:45 am            $60 (6 weeks)

Come with your toddler and help them enjoy our toys hung very low, under the supervision of a coach.  Let them hang, roll, twist and twirl in a safe, comfortable
environment.  Parent participation is a part of the experience.

Section A: Age 5 - 7 yrs Mondays, Jan 10 - Feb 14, 3:30 - 4:30 pm $60 (6 weeks)
Section B:  Age 8 – 11 yrs          Mondays, Jan 10 - Feb 14, 4:30 – 5:30 pm          $60 (6 weeks)
Section C:  Age 8 - 11 yrs Wednesdays, Jan 5 - Feb 16, 3:30 - 4:30 pm $70 (7 weeks) class cancelled due to weather on 1/12, makeup date tba
Section D: Age 12 – 16 yrs       Wednesdays, Jan 5 - Feb 16, 4:30 – 5:30 pm        $70 (7 weeks) class cancelled due to weather on 1/12, makeup date tba
Do the kids have a lot of energy for climbing and bouncing and clowning around?  Send them to us and we’ll show them how it’s really done!   We’ll introduce them to
stretching, acrobatics, trapeze, fabrics and more in a noncompetitive environment.

Ages 7 – 17 yrs                         Tues & Thurs, Jan 4 - Feb 17         4 – 6 pm     $280
Young people of all abilities who are interested in working towards high skill levels and advanced performance techniques are welcome.  Stretching and conditioning
as well as acrobatics, aerials and other circus skills will be covered.  Focus and determination are the only prerequisite for this twice weekly class – if your child has the
interest, we’ll help them gain the skills.

PHYSICAL THEATER @ the New England Youth Theater Saturdays, 10 am - 12 pm for twelve weeks beginning January 8th
Bill Forchion will teach a physical theater class at the New England Youth Theater space in downtown Brattleboro. The course is geared towards movement in a theater
setting and will include acrobatics, stretching, partnering and lots of prat falls. For enrollment and information, contact Stephen Stearns at (802) 254-4515.

1 – 2 students:  $50/hour         3 – 4 students:  $65/hour          5 – 6 students:  $75/hour for each additional student, add $10/hour to the $75/hour fee
See something you’d like to try, but can’t make the schedule work out?  Set up private lessons or private group classes that suit your timing better, & have the class
tailored to your needs.  Get a few friends together and share the time, set up a class for your home school group or preschool, or do it as a gift or a birthday party.  
Choose from tumbling, hand balancing, stretching, partner acrobatics, trapeze, fabric, straps, juggling & clowning.                

CLASSES FOR ADULTS                
Section A ( Beginner):                    Tuesdays, Jan 4 - Feb 15                  6 – 7:30 pm                   $105
Section B ( Intermediate):              Tuesdays, Jan 4 - Feb 15                  7:30 – 9 pm                   $105

Learn this popular and beautiful aerial form, like dancing on air! As with all our classes, you’ll progress at your own pace and comfort level while learning graceful
poses, wraps and transitions.  Build strength learning forms low to the ground, and move to higher skills as your strength and ability grows.                            
ACROBATICS Wednesdays, January 5 - February 16, 6 - 7:30 pm  (class cancelled due to weather on 1/12. Makeup class on 2/23)        $105
For all levels of movers, whether you are just starting out or have some experience. Each class begins with a full warm-up & stretching, then moves on to the basics of
acrobatic movement including hand stands, rolls, cartwheels & more advanced skills for those who are ready. Led by Bill Forchion who has performed acrobatics and
clowned with many circuses including Ringling Bros, Cirque du Soleil and the Pickle Family Circus.

Section A ( Beginner):                    Thursdays, Jan 6 - Feb 17                  6 – 7:30 pm                $105 class cancelled due to weather 1/6, makeup 2/17
Section B ( Intermediate):              Thursdays, Jan 6 - Feb 17                  7:30 – 9 pm                $105 class cancelled due to weather 1/6, makeup 2/17

1 – 2 students:  $50/hour         3 – 4 students:  $65/hour          5 – 6 students:  $75/hour for each additional student, add $10/hour to the $75/hour fee

See something you’d like to try, but can’t make the schedule work out?  Set up private lessons or private group classes that suit your timing better, & have the class
tailored to your needs.  Get a few friends together and share the time, set up a class for your home school group or preschool, or do it as a gift or a birthday party.  
Choose from tumbling, hand balancing, stretching, partner acrobatics, trapeze, fabric, straps, juggling & clowning.                         

Brief history of NIMBLE ARTS, LLC

Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion founded NIMBLE ARTS, LLC after returning home from a 4 year tour as duo-trapezists on Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco. They
are identical twins specializing in aerial acrobatics, & their teaching & performing backgrounds include Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circus of the Kids,
the New Pickle Circus, Pilobolus, the Actor's Gym, Circus Juventus, Umo Ensemble & Canopy Aerial Dance Studio. Serenity helped found the San Francisco School of
Circus Arts & was Pilates captain for Saltimbanco where she worked closely with physical therapists to promote injury prevention & rehabilitation. Elsie taught aerials at
the SFSCA, has a coaches certification in trampoline, & has choreographed for the UGA Dance department, Circus Smirkus &Sea World, among others. They are
available for performances for private & public events, tours & special productions, print & commercials.

In 2003 they founded Nimble Arts, LLC, their Vermont based circus school that offers circus & movement classes to recreational & professional students of all ages.
Together with several independent instructors, they offer lessons & workshops that focus on the transformative joy of movement, the precision of correct technique & the
creative power of acrobatic & aerial movement.
       For more information & registration, call us at (802) 246-3001, or e-mail us at

At the Centre Immaculée-Conception, a circus school begins to attract young artists interested in theatrical acrobatics. A real passion for all circus arts
develops, training expands. Programming evolves as students of various backgrounds come together, united by a firm intention to become true circus artists.
Very soon the Centre Immaculée-Conception can no longer contain the rapid growth of the National Circus School (NCS). In 1989 the School will move to
Dalhousie Station facilities in Old Montreal. The only institution to offer professional circus teaching in North America, the NCS has become one of the world's
major circus schools.

Meanwhile, contemporary circus arts experience exponential growth throughout the world. The need to train a greater number of versatile and highly skilled
artists, by now the hallmark of the Quebec circus, is apparent. The NCS launches into a new phase of growth that sees it relocating to the Cité des Arts du Cirque
as a founding member, along with Cirque du Soleil and En Piste, the national network for circus arts. In 2003 the NCS completes the move to a new building
custom built to its specifications in the heart of Tohu, as this new complex is known.

A Higher Education in the Arts

A school for higher education in arts, after the great schools of music, dance and theatre, the NCS also offers academic subjects at the secondary and college
levels. Moreover, it is the only circus school in the western world to offer the complete spectrum of professional education, from preparatory programs for young
people ages 9 and older to professional placement for graduate artists, as well as training circus instructors and trainers.

Through its efforts to insure that circus arts training leads to a diploma recognized by the Quebec ministry for Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, the School has
contributed towards enhancing the social standing of circus artists.

After 25 years, the circus world of today includes hundreds of artists who have undertaken professional training at NCS. The placement rate for graduates
averages 95 percent. On the strength of their great versatility and mastery of their chosen discipline, these artists continue to develop their crafts as they
perform in the most prestigious venues on all continents.

In every country where the contemporary circus has taken root, the NCS has come to be considered a resource in matters pertaining to the training of highest-
caliber circus artists. Its international standing also translates into an ability to attract students from around the globe.

Where the Future Takes Centre Ring!

Throughout its history, the NCS has remained independent of circus companies yet sensitive to their evolution and to the need for setting professional standards
for circus artists. The School has contributed directly to the circus' development in Quebec and Canada. It is proud of its role in the flowering of the majority of
Quebec circus companies, such as the Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and The 7 fingers.

Creativity forms the heart of its teaching program. The NCS strives to be a true laboratory of experimentation where interpreters-creators and directors can both
practice and innovate. After 25 years, the National Circus School intends to continue this mission by actively supporting and training human resources involved in
the circus arts sector, as well as the diverse esthetic forms that will shape the circus of tomorrow.

Description of the Entrance Examination requirements:

Entrance Examination Information Sheet (PFS, CES)
Entrance Examination Information Sheet (DEC, DEE)
Entrance exams are held in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax. The purpose of the test is to evaluate a candidate's potential and talent, and his or
her capacity to acquire the skills at the level required by the program within the prescribed time.

Entrance Examination Dates
Montreal CES, DEC-DEE: February 2008
PFS: August 25 2007
Halifax     February 2008
Vancouver February 2008
Calgary February 2008
Toronto February 2008

Dates of Entrance Exam will be published at Fall 2007.

Deadline to register for 2008-2009 programs: January 15, 2008.

(514) 982-0859
Toll free (Canada) 1 800 267-0859
Fax: (514) 982-6025

National Circus School
8181, 2nd Avenue
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H1Z 4N9

In 1992 David Berry (from Australia) with the help of his Israeli wife, Hanita, created a street theater group for youth called MIMOS, based in Kiryat Tivon. This
group offered an alternative perspective of life to young Israelis, some of whom faced fear at a personal level.

MIMOS attracted a dedicated group of young people who participated in workshops and performed in public. After several successful performances in major
Festivals in Israel, the nature of MIMOS evolved towards Circus.

In 1999 MIMOS reached its peak of success and invited Roman Linkov, a master acrobat from the Moscow State Circus, to join the training of students.

In 2000 a full time adult Circus School with a team of five teachers was opened. With help from the students of MIMOS, the Israel Circus School clarified its
identity and took the first steps to become independent.

2002 saw the creation of the Association for the Development of Circus Arts in Israel (a Non-profit, charitable organization), with the goal of turning the Israel
Circus School into a professionally run training Center for young people in the North of Israel. In September 2002 activities moved to Kefar Yehoshua, where
renovation of the village hall started for the purpose of the circus training.

In August 2002, after a timely visit, Mr. Arthur Vercoe Pedlar
(the 2003/4 President of the World Clown Association) contributed generous support to strengthen the ongoing work of the Israel Circus School.

In August 2003 the Association for the Development of Circus Arts in Israel received a grant from the European Union to create the "Children's Circus".

In May 2004 Mr. Pedlar revisited Israel to open the newly equipped Circus Center in Kefar Yehoshua.

In June 2005 the “Looking Glass” Clown Alley was formed as a member of the World Clown Association based in the USA. “Looking Glass” operates out of the
Circus Center in Kefar Yehoshua.

Key Performances of MIMOS & the Israel Circus School

The Renaissance Festival at Yehiam Castle, Galilee, 1994, 1997, 2004

Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2003

Wadi Nisnas Co-existence Festival (Muslim, Christian & Jewish mid-winter celebrations), Haifa, 1997, 2001, 2004

International Street Theatre Festival, Bat Yam, 1998, 1999, 2003

Children’s Festival, Haifa, 1999

Jacobs Ladder Folk Festival, 1999

"Don Quixote" performed at Yehiam Castle, 1999

"Genesis" performed in Braunschweig, Germany, 2000

End of Year Performance of Israel Circus School, Tivon, 2001

Several local community performances in Israel, 2002, 2003

Various performances of the “Children’s Circus" sponsored by
the European Union, including
“Clowns” at the Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre, 2003
"The Lion and the Leopard” in Cyprus, 2004.

Joint project with Circus Maghar and Israel Circus School “Aladdin and the Magic Flute” Children’s Festival, Haifa May 2005

King David Circus at “Shantipi Festival” June 2005
Ongoing Projects

In August 2003 the Israel Circus School started the Jewish / Arab "Children's Circus" with its partner, Circus Maghar. This involved intensive training for 20
Jewish and Arab kids, local performances and a tour of Cyprus. In Cyprus, we did workshops and performances for Christian and Muslim kids in schools and
community centers on both sides of the island.

The great success of this project has encouraged the Israel Circus School to find ways to encourage future activities with Circus Maghar, other Arab
communities and other groups of disadvantaged children. The Children’s Circus has shown great potential in integrating the diverse multi-cultural groups that
exist in Israel, acting as a model of positive interrelationship for local and regional purposes.

Enormous efforts and considerable resources are required to manage and conduct joint operations with the various groups composing the Children’s Circus.
Volunteer work makes up the bulk of current cooperation. Local and international support is being constantly sought to cover basic needs of transportation and
staging of performances. If our project interests you, please contact us for full details on how to help us.

From outside Israel:
Office and Fax:+012-972-77-5030001.

From within Israel:
Office and Fax: 077-5030001



Postal address: Association for the Development of Circus Arts in Israel,

P.O. Box 216, Kefar Yehoshua, 30063, Israel.
Vermont, U.S.A

The Australian Institute of Circus Arts PTY LTD  isa  facility which dedicates itself to both
novices and performers wanting to make acts and present themselves on an international
The institute is run by Internationally acclaimed circus performer Jasmine George.

The school invites many internationally acclaimed “guest” circus and dance performers and
choreographers to run workshops per year so the students have a chance to learn from the
best of the best in the industry.

Students will benefit from a range of different teaching styles in different circus arts

School children, gymnasts, dancers, adults to all walks of life are welcome to come and have
a taste of running away with a circus