What is Tihany Spectacular
live visual theatre; a Kingdom of magic & Illusion, colour, beauty, and fantasy.
Where magic, music and talent are all brought together in one location.
Tihany is more than just an ordinary circus. Tihany is an impressive architectonic complex designed and constructed in Italy. It occupies
16 thousand square meters and is made up of three interconnected structures seating 2,500 people per show.

Mr Tihany born in Hungary, has Tihanys' office in Las Vegas, U.S.A  with the show now touring internationally , currently in Mexico and
soon Las Vegas and tour of various cities of  the USA
You can find photos and info on the contract at http://groups.msn.com/tihanyspectacular
Official Tihany site is located at www.tihanyspectacular.com

Approx 70 performers and over 20 nationalities appear in Tihany Spectacular, that are recruited from International Festivals such as
Monte Carlo, Paris, China, and Moscow, and are considered to be among the best in the world.

To give you a clearer idea, every year Tihany visits some of the most famous schools of the old continent in search of talented dancers for
their beautiful ballet, jazz and cabaret productions. Some of these include, the Bolshoi of Russia and the Royal Academy of  Dance.

Looking for dancers from Italy, Australia, Russia, France, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Romania, Netherlands and Germany with Classical
Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz background. Email Applications to info@elastojazz.com

18 to 28 yrs of age & 168cm tall or taller.

Apply now
Applications must contain:

1. Head photo (Portrait)
2. Full length body photo (preferably dance photo if possible)
3. Your height, age,
4. CV/Resume of where you have trained in Dance or performed shows
Dancer Applications If this is too hard for you to do, get a normal digital camera and make short video clips of each skill and email them
to me in separate mails

Short Video or DVD;
(Does not have to be professional footage, just get a friend to tape
you performing the following skills the best you can do)
Pirouette in Passé & Attitude,
Développé Split kicks right, left leg, to the front, side, back, and
fan kick)
Grand Jeté Right and Left leg

If you like you may make a short choreography or dance showing extra
skills etc

What are we looking for??
Someone with elegance, an obvious history in dancing, and stage

And a part where you say Hi my name is…..  Your Age, Height, and
Weight, Where you are from

the wages will amount to US$300.- (Three Hundred Dollars) weekly, paid in national currency of country, by the official exchange rate,
initiating the day of debut and the week of working.  Mexico is extremely cheap, and your only expense will be food

Tihany is responsible to pay for the return airfare of the dancer

Tihany Will pay 5 star hotel throughout the whole 12 months of contract

Approx 10 to 12 shows per week

Every Monday OFF and approx 3 days off when the circus changes
city approx every 4 weeks

Tihany has a private bus especially for show artists and
dancers to get to and from the hotel, there is no cost

Tihany is responsible for work permits & visas.

Dancers need to have current passport

How to Audition

Send applications to:
Gala Entertainment Management
Po Box 6096
Coffs Harbour Plaza,
N.S.W, Australia

Thank you
Jasmine George
Gala Entertainment Management
Tihany Website www.tihanyspectacular.com
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